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Cab Advertising


Everybody loves finding more ways to advertise in taxis. From the signs on the roof to the really annoying new televisions inside, taxis rank with bus stops and bathrooms as top advertising locations. It’s easy to see how this seat belt promotion reminds passengers of the gooey caramel inside a Milky Way. Maybe we can get a Canadian Version using a Mars bar instead.


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Brand Fit – The perfect promo

Tire dartboard

Tire dartboard

Goodyear had these custom made tread patterned dart boards to show puncture resistance on the runflat tires.  Goodyear will always be the “Racer’s” tire, the Michelin Man is cool, but what is he? The air inside the tire? It’s better to be the tire.

Curiously Goodyear just became the primary supplier to DART a major midwestern Transport company.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

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Wall Street Bankruptcy Memorabilia


Hundreds of Lehman Brothers’ branded koozies, pens and stress balls are on sale after a recent bankruptcy court ruling in New York. Judge James Peck has ordered Barclays PLC, which bought a part of Lehman Brothers last year, to return thousands of promotional products that have been sitting in storage since September. A Lehman spokesman says the former financial services giant will sell the items in a continuing effort to pay off its creditors. According to The Wall Street Journal, similar items have been hot sellers on eBay. For example, a branded   water resistant canvas bag was bought online for nearly $75. Since December, the roughly 1,000 items on eBay tagged “Lehman Brothers” have a sell rate of 70%. Lehman Brothers filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year. Lehman Brothers Holdings still owes its creditors $200 billion

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Hair Removal is a painful and messy experience for most people. They needed to communicate that a simpler, less painful and cost effective option was available. They covered their poster with  post it notes designed like waxing strips, and hair printed on the back that encouraged people to peel them off mimicking the action of waxing. This clearly enticed them to opt for the client’s less painful laser hair removal treatment instead. They aimed the communication at young men and women who regularly performed hair removal treatments. An increase in more than 15% in enquiries was recorded at the call centre regarding Laser Hair Removal.


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The Rotary Blood Bank wanted a giveaway to thank voluntary donors for their life saving contribution. During blood donation, a donor presses a soft ball repeatedly to hasten the supply of blood. They replaced the commonly used soft ball with one that is shaped like a heart. Amazingly, pressing the stress heart resembles the pumping action of an actual human heart. Making the donor realise that every drop of blood he gives, helps save a life. Message: Thank you for making a heart beat longer. Also every donor gets to keep the heart that he used, which serves as a powerful reminder of how blood donation gives new life to a heart.  The stress heart is also available in the more kid friendly version seen below.


Agency: Leo Burnett New Delhi, India.

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Here’s an interesting promotion done by a Dutch insurance company. They made custom car sun shades that featured a robber stealing a car stereo. Their tagline was “Just Call Us” to promote the ease with which they handle claims. Passersby had reason to take a moment to think about their vulnerability and choice in insurance companies.

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Ole skool promo

This racially charged advertisment originally aired in 1969.  The immortal Mel Blanc did the voiceover. Interestingly enough, many people on “Youtube” recalled the collectible eraser you got with purchase.  Proving again that 84% of recipients of Promotional goods recall the company they originally received the goods from.  Even 40 years later!

Interested in character erasers?|1&N=0&DPSV_Id=203928&No=24&Ntk=WordSearchAsiLinename&Nr=LMSiteEligibility:1&id=7067687&pSRVC_Id=65

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