Bag of Books


Here is a really awesome use of imprinted bags to encourage reading at the Howe Library in Hanover, NH. Basically, each tote bag is filled with ten books and if you read all the books in all 100 tote bag, that’s 1,000 books!

Mary White breaks it down here: …these are books for children, with tote bag One having the earliest readers  going to tote bag one hundred for the most advanced. The children progress up the ladder in reading ability as they achieve completion of each bag. Each tote bag is numbered, but many kids don’t bother to read them in order. In order to keep track, there are cards that kids can stamp when they have read each tote bag. The 100th tote bag is a different color and kept in the Youth Services Librarian’s office. People have to ask for that tote bag and then receive a prize.



  1. Mr Ring said

    It looks much interesting ! When 100th tote bag filled with kid’s stamps, and other bags may be zero .Is it ?

  2. rpromo said

    No. But you could make create an award at each hundred books read,… easily. You probably should as this program is designed to take 6 years to complete and every encouragement should be made to promote reading. But alas budget always makes the final decision. Maybe seeking a local sponsorship is the way to proceed.

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