Sand in the hourglass can change a life


Something as simple as changing the color of the sand in this Hourglass makes all the difference for this Red Cross promo. The sand plays double duty representing both time and blood supply and serves as a great visual metaphor. Could your business or not-for-profit organization do something similar? Probably, but as obvious as this Hourglass seems after the fact, it probably took some real creative thought to come up with it. Start by considering what your message is, think out of the box when it comes to product and customization, and I bet there’s a striking creative solution to your promotional challenges no matter who you are.




  1. Ring said

    In our country , long time ago we called ancient history .They use the hourglass for timing (like today’s clock) ,can you think how they done that ?
    Fulled with water ,and the water dripping one by one , when water out ,it’s just the right time, i appreciate their’s wise today.

  2. Ring said

    By the way , it looks the hourglass from our country ,and there marks
    “Shanghai bleeding Centre”

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