What do you mean ECO bag?

Building a Better Bag?bag-stats

Even in a recession it’s worth being green.  As issues like climate change and oil dependency push environmental concerns into the spotlight, one popular target for change is reducing use of disposable plastic bags. Above are some stats from a recent Ad Age article about alternatives to plastic bags that really points out the scope of the problem. With retailers, like Ikea, promoting reusable bags we will hopefully see these numbers decrease over time. At Stincor, we’ve seen a big increase in sales in some of our inexpensive woven bags , which make great alternatives to disposable plastic bags. In particular, non-woven totes are sturdy, reusable and compact, making them an ideal substitute for plastic.

The newest addition to the  green team alternative is Jute bags .  This naturally occuring material that is strong, durable and water resistant.


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  1. Ring said

    This moments,environmental protection turns more and more importa.
    disposable Plastic bag may be the most white pollution,but human wit an wise sight .Some goverments issue laws to control use the plastic bag.Our country forbid providing the plastic bag by free in supermarket since last year.Last week i go to shopping in supermarket ,finding most pople handing
    the Non woven bag , PP woven bag ,that’s great ! Our company specialising in the Recyclable bag , Reuseable bag, Recycled bags items.
    Now the popular is Non woven bag , PP woven bag, cotton bag ,Paper bag , jute bag,but the mose is Non woven bag as it cheaper ,durable ,easy for promotion and branding advertising !

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