Promo Stinkers 1- When good ideas go BAD!


I don’t like to point out bad things as I’m a positive person BUT,…..  sometimes you have to acknowledge the funky side of life, by engaging in some schadenfreude.

A few days ago publisher Electronic Arts sent a number of media outlets a Godfather II press kit that included a very real set of brass knuckles, something that’s illegal to own in a number of states and provinces.

Now several of those media outlets, including Kotaku, Game Politics and  Joystiq, have been asked politely by EA to ship back the brass knuckles portion of the media kit. EA has declined to comment on the matter further.  However, as Kotaku points out, even shipping something like brass knuckles is a crime.   Maybe they should have tried plastic or cardboard….. and a reputable promotional products distributor like Pete Roth call 416-458-9600 for solutions.


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