Around the world, health agencies and regular folks are wondering what to do as the specter of a potential swine flu epidemic becomes more ominous. In Mexico, people are getting creative with their face masks. The Ad Lab wonders how long it will be before mask-vertising becomes widespread. After all, it’s already been done. With the CDC recommending alcohol-based hand sanitizers to reduce the spread of the flu, Hospitial quality Gelfast2Go hand sanitizer may be a popular promo in the coming months. Hopefully not global pandemic-popular, though.


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  1. Ring said

    The W.H.O called the epidemic H1N1 , and warning the upgraded in Fifth.However possilbe up to Sixth top once the epidemic spread more.
    For Mexico the goverment took any measure to control it ,their President
    Calderon speaking on the TV and persuade people stay in home,and they have long holiday from 1st to 5th May .So schoole ,restaurant etc closed.
    To a certain degree it strike the economics for Mexico and US

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