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tom of finland

Tom of Finland is a popular gay icon made famous by his erotic books and his popular fragrances.  When you purchase one of his products this the bag you receive.

tom of finland in use

Provocative when in use is probably an understatement.

This would be a great promo pc for the fine people who run the Pride Parade.


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Healthy promo


Whether you call them love handles or an obesity epidemic, we’re in bad shape and getting worse. Combine our general poor health with an aging population of baby boomers and presto we’re in for a lot of fitness and health oriented promotions.

Product-wise, old standbys like pedometers and logo sports bottles will be popular, but also be on the lookout for new items like computerized jump ropes that count your jumps and calories burned and arm bands to hold your iPod while you exercise.

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What do you mean ECO bag?

Building a Better Bag?bag-stats

Even in a recession it’s worth being green.  As issues like climate change and oil dependency push environmental concerns into the spotlight, one popular target for change is reducing use of disposable plastic bags. Above are some stats from a recent Ad Age article about alternatives to plastic bags that really points out the scope of the problem. With retailers, like Ikea, promoting reusable bags we will hopefully see these numbers decrease over time. At Stincor, we’ve seen a big increase in sales in some of our inexpensive woven bags , which make great alternatives to disposable plastic bags. In particular, non-woven totes are sturdy, reusable and compact, making them an ideal substitute for plastic.

The newest addition to the  green team alternative is Jute bags .  This naturally occuring material that is strong, durable and water resistant.

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Bag of Books


Here is a really awesome use of imprinted bags to encourage reading at the Howe Library in Hanover, NH. Basically, each tote bag is filled with ten books and if you read all the books in all 100 tote bag, that’s 1,000 books!

Mary White breaks it down here: …these are books for children, with tote bag One having the earliest readers  going to tote bag one hundred for the most advanced. The children progress up the ladder in reading ability as they achieve completion of each bag. Each tote bag is numbered, but many kids don’t bother to read them in order. In order to keep track, there are cards that kids can stamp when they have read each tote bag. The 100th tote bag is a different color and kept in the Youth Services Librarian’s office. People have to ask for that tote bag and then receive a prize.

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Guerilla Promo’s


Heineken was the official beer sponsor of the 2008 Austin City Limits music festival. But Shiner is the local favorite. How do we keep Shiner top of mind, when we aren’t allowed to advertise inside the festival? Stand outside the festival entrance and hand out free koozies.|1&N=0&DPSV_Id=203928&No=24&

After all it’s hot out and texans love keeping their beer cold with a koozie. But these koozies do more than that. Since they look exactly like a can of Shiner Bock, festivals goers look like they’re drinking Shiners instead of Heineken, and they get a kick out of snubbing the corporate sponsor in favor of their beloved Shiner.


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