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WordPress Gear!


Does your brand not generate this kind of interest? Perhaps you should develop some kind of incredibly useful free software.  The google search engine is filled with WordPress Apparel and other cool gear.



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Presidential Promotions




Not only did Obama make great use of the web and promotional products in the course of his winning Presidential campaign, he also used them well together. 90 Percent of Everything recently showcased how his team used different shirts and different page layouts to find out how to optimize for maximum fundraising.  Once again showing how the use of promotional products will DRASTICALLY improve your response rates and target the desired audience in any direct mail or web based campaign.  Even for the Presidency of the most powerful nation on earth.

BTW- The actual winning incentive wasn’t released by the campaign team.

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Diving into Pirates of the Caribbean


The movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” was being shown on Belgacom TV. That’s the message the digital pay-TV channel wanted to spread to the public.  Real Pirates used to execute prisoners by having them walk the plank.  So broadcaster’s agency had “Pirates of the Caribbean” floor sticker placed on to the diving boards of  public swimming pools. This helped spread the message that the movie would soon be on Belgacom TV.  The main target group for Belgacom TV are families with children.  The communication grabbed the attention of all people diving off the board.  In many swimming pools, the sticker became an attraction in itself.


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Earth Day Promos

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What’s up with Manliness?


With the popularity of movies like “I love you man” ( Now you can get a prosthetic chest hair for that ‘need to feel manly” moment.  Solo, a Cadbury Schwepes softdrink company devised a creative promotion around a gladiator style mascot.  With the Man Bib, Men will envy you, woman will worship you. This is product reinforces the brand.  I guess the metro sexual trend has gone a little to far.  This certainly looks like a great way to promote a brand to the young male adult market with a sense of irreverent humor.

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Breast Cancer Promotion

Promotions for Education

Promotions for Education

Portugal has the highest incidence and death rate of breast cancer in European Union.  An agency was asked to help increase awareness and promote regular examinations.


The Agency created an Anti  Stress ball with an oddly shapped rock imbedded with in the polyurethane.  On squeezing the ball, the woman can feel a foreign object.  A flyer detailing the correct way to preform a self exam were distributed to 50,000 women on the street, at companies, hospitals, and theme related events.


During the campaign mammogram bookings increased by 22%.

Hospital consulations increased by 28%

Should this be something we should do?

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Brand Fit – The perfect promo

Tire dartboard

Tire dartboard

Goodyear had these custom made tread patterned dart boards to show puncture resistance on the runflat tires.  Goodyear will always be the “Racer’s” tire, the Michelin Man is cool, but what is he? The air inside the tire? It’s better to be the tire.

Curiously Goodyear just became the primary supplier to DART a major midwestern Transport company.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

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