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Strong Hair Promo


Nothing like grabbing a handful of human hair in order to open a door. At least, that’s what I always say. I find this promotion unappealing.  My takeaway: if you’re going to use human hair in a promotion, do it in a stylized way, like the bag handles, not a whole head of hair, and definitely not a wadded up ball of hair. And using Crazy wigs as a promo product? Definitely go for it.


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Bag of Books


Here is a really awesome use of imprinted bags to encourage reading at the Howe Library in Hanover, NH. Basically, each tote bag is filled with ten books and if you read all the books in all 100 tote bag, that’s 1,000 books!

Mary White breaks it down here: …these are books for children, with tote bag One having the earliest readers  going to tote bag one hundred for the most advanced. The children progress up the ladder in reading ability as they achieve completion of each bag. Each tote bag is numbered, but many kids don’t bother to read them in order. In order to keep track, there are cards that kids can stamp when they have read each tote bag. The 100th tote bag is a different color and kept in the Youth Services Librarian’s office. People have to ask for that tote bag and then receive a prize.

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Breast Cancer Promotion

Promotions for Education

Promotions for Education

Portugal has the highest incidence and death rate of breast cancer in European Union.  An agency was asked to help increase awareness and promote regular examinations.


The Agency created an Anti  Stress ball with an oddly shapped rock imbedded with in the polyurethane.  On squeezing the ball, the woman can feel a foreign object.  A flyer detailing the correct way to preform a self exam were distributed to 50,000 women on the street, at companies, hospitals, and theme related events.


During the campaign mammogram bookings increased by 22%.

Hospital consulations increased by 28%

Should this be something we should do?

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