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Warm weather means mini-skirts


The target audience are young males (18-24) in the UAE, both local and expatriate. They’re into hip-hop music, nightclubs and MMS. They spend a reasonable amount of time in Internet cafés chatting and playing network games.

Axe Mmmousepad was strategically placed in select Internet cafés across the UAE, to arouse their curiosity. After the target’s initial hesitation to put his hand up a skirt, he could not wipe the grin off his face while surfing the web later. The message hit home and it gave interactivity and whole new meaning.Understandably, many Mmmousepads ‘disappeared’, but got 3000 plus unique visitors and 115,000 page views during the month-long launch campaign.
That’s the power of the Axe Effect.

Would it work here in Canada? Doubtful,  internet cafes aren’t very widespread as high speed penetration is the highest in the world, but it is a conversation piece.


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Playoff Time means beards!


Well just as certain as the robins and songbirds return….it’s NHL playoff time again.  So like all good Canadian males in the playoffs we have to stop shaving until we have been eliminated.   Gillette has reminder of what product to use in this inventive retro fit of a Zamboni .

By the way…..Detroit vs Pittsburgh rematch with Detroit winning in 6..

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Promo Stinkers 1- When good ideas go BAD!


I don’t like to point out bad things as I’m a positive person BUT,…..  sometimes you have to acknowledge the funky side of life, by engaging in some schadenfreude.

A few days ago publisher Electronic Arts sent a number of media outlets a Godfather II press kit that included a very real set of brass knuckles, something that’s illegal to own in a number of states and provinces.

Now several of those media outlets, including Kotaku, Game Politics and  Joystiq, have been asked politely by EA to ship back the brass knuckles portion of the media kit. EA has declined to comment on the matter further.  However, as Kotaku points out, even shipping something like brass knuckles is a crime.   Maybe they should have tried plastic or cardboard….. and a reputable promotional products distributor like Pete Roth call 416-458-9600 for solutions.

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Pen car that doesn’t need refills.


The Pen car is pretty awesome!. Created by Costas “The Pen Guy” Schuler, this modified Mercedes apparently plays some role in his mission to provide “Motivation and Inspiration Through Art and Comedy.” . He uses the best in the business “GERMAN REFILLS”….LOL. You can check out his web site here.

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Diving into Pirates of the Caribbean


The movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” was being shown on Belgacom TV. That’s the message the digital pay-TV channel wanted to spread to the public.  Real Pirates used to execute prisoners by having them walk the plank.  So broadcaster’s agency had “Pirates of the Caribbean” floor sticker placed on to the diving boards of  public swimming pools. This helped spread the message that the movie would soon be on Belgacom TV.  The main target group for Belgacom TV are families with children.  The communication grabbed the attention of all people diving off the board.  In many swimming pools, the sticker became an attraction in itself.


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Earth Day Promos

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What’s up with Manliness?


With the popularity of movies like “I love you man” ( Now you can get a prosthetic chest hair for that ‘need to feel manly” moment.  Solo, a Cadbury Schwepes softdrink company devised a creative promotion around a gladiator style mascot.  With the Man Bib, Men will envy you, woman will worship you. This is product reinforces the brand.  I guess the metro sexual trend has gone a little to far.  This certainly looks like a great way to promote a brand to the young male adult market with a sense of irreverent humor.

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