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Warm weather means mini-skirts


The target audience are young males (18-24) in the UAE, both local and expatriate. They’re into hip-hop music, nightclubs and MMS. They spend a reasonable amount of time in Internet cafés chatting and playing network games.

Axe Mmmousepad was strategically placed in select Internet cafés across the UAE, to arouse their curiosity. After the target’s initial hesitation to put his hand up a skirt, he could not wipe the grin off his face while surfing the web later. The message hit home and it gave interactivity and whole new meaning.Understandably, many Mmmousepads ‘disappeared’, but got 3000 plus unique visitors and 115,000 page views during the month-long launch campaign.
That’s the power of the Axe Effect.

Would it work here in Canada? Doubtful,  internet cafes aren’t very widespread as high speed penetration is the highest in the world, but it is a conversation piece.


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