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How do they make poly?

Neat Stuff!

Please click on the link if you want to view Leeds large selection of Ecosmart products!


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Dog Food makes strong dogs.


Iams Dog Food makes strong dogs.  Look what they use for a game of fetch

This creative campaign done by Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney, Australia,  uses  a flyer and special moulding to really help make the point that Iams is a dog’s best friend for health and wellness.

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Different kind of infection

The invitation for Publicis’ year-end party was a t-shirt all employees had to wear. Each t-shirt had the logo and the phrase: “I have been infected”, in reference to the agency’s positioning: “contagious ideas”. At the entrance of the party was a large panel was for guests to confirm their presence. In doing so, the t-shirts were exposed to a beam of black light that “charged” hidden drawings, which became visible in the dark, distinguishing the male and female versions. It topped people’s expectations and became the starting point to what became a great event.original_camiseta_publicis_brazil_2009

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Pandemic Prevention


Wow! A pandemic? Time to use the new gelFAST 2Go! gelFAST 2Go is a unique, simple and fun way to bring hand hygiene with you wherever you go, indoors or out. gelFAST 2Go is a simple, wearable antiseptic alcohol gel package with a unique patent pending design which allows you to easily clip 2Go onto items such as labcoats, bags, purses, or just about anything that sits still long enough to be clipped.

Get em quick the panic is on! ; p

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Sand in the hourglass can change a life


Something as simple as changing the color of the sand in this Hourglass makes all the difference for this Red Cross promo. The sand plays double duty representing both time and blood supply and serves as a great visual metaphor. Could your business or not-for-profit organization do something similar? Probably, but as obvious as this Hourglass seems after the fact, it probably took some real creative thought to come up with it. Start by considering what your message is, think out of the box when it comes to product and customization, and I bet there’s a striking creative solution to your promotional challenges no matter who you are.


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Blacklighter Raises Awareness of Censorship


Of course  The Onion did it first. Still, this was a great promotion for the International Society for Human Rights. They gave out these “blacklighters” to journalists at a press conference about freedom of the press at the 2008 Olympic Games. Post-conference, the ISHR saw a 28% increase in web traffic and a 50% increase in requests for information from journalists.

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Hair Removal is a painful and messy experience for most people. They needed to communicate that a simpler, less painful and cost effective option was available. They covered their poster with  post it notes designed like waxing strips, and hair printed on the back that encouraged people to peel them off mimicking the action of waxing. This clearly enticed them to opt for the client’s less painful laser hair removal treatment instead. They aimed the communication at young men and women who regularly performed hair removal treatments. An increase in more than 15% in enquiries was recorded at the call centre regarding Laser Hair Removal.


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