Different kind of infection

The invitation for Publicis’ year-end party was a t-shirt all employees had to wear. Each t-shirt had the logo and the phrase: “I have been infected”, in reference to the agency’s positioning: “contagious ideas”. At the entrance of the party was a large panel was for guests to confirm their presence. In doing so, the t-shirts were exposed to a beam of black light that “charged” hidden drawings, which became visible in the dark, distinguishing the male and female versions. It topped people’s expectations and became the starting point to what became a great event.original_camiseta_publicis_brazil_2009


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Around the world, health agencies and regular folks are wondering what to do as the specter of a potential swine flu epidemic becomes more ominous. In Mexico, people are getting creative with their face masks. The Ad Lab wonders how long it will be before mask-vertising becomes widespread. After all, it’s already been done. With the CDC recommending alcohol-based hand sanitizers to reduce the spread of the flu, Hospitial quality Gelfast2Go hand sanitizer may be a popular promo in the coming months. Hopefully not global pandemic-popular, though.

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Pandemic Prevention


Wow! A pandemic? Time to use the new gelFAST 2Go! gelFAST 2Go is a unique, simple and fun way to bring hand hygiene with you wherever you go, indoors or out. gelFAST 2Go is a simple, wearable antiseptic alcohol gel package with a unique patent pending design which allows you to easily clip 2Go onto items such as labcoats, bags, purses, or just about anything that sits still long enough to be clipped.

Get em quick the panic is on! ; p

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Playoff Time means beards!


Well just as certain as the robins and songbirds return….it’s NHL playoff time again.  So like all good Canadian males in the playoffs we have to stop shaving until we have been eliminated.   Gillette has reminder of what product to use in this inventive retro fit of a Zamboni .

By the way…..Detroit vs Pittsburgh rematch with Detroit winning in 6..

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Promo Stinkers 1- When good ideas go BAD!


I don’t like to point out bad things as I’m a positive person BUT,…..  sometimes you have to acknowledge the funky side of life, by engaging in some schadenfreude.

A few days ago publisher Electronic Arts sent a number of media outlets a Godfather II press kit that included a very real set of brass knuckles, something that’s illegal to own in a number of states and provinces.

Now several of those media outlets, including Kotaku, Game Politics and  Joystiq, have been asked politely by EA to ship back the brass knuckles portion of the media kit. EA has declined to comment on the matter further.  However, as Kotaku points out, even shipping something like brass knuckles is a crime.   Maybe they should have tried plastic or cardboard….. and a reputable promotional products distributor like Pete Roth call 416-458-9600 for solutions.

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Healthy promo


Whether you call them love handles or an obesity epidemic, we’re in bad shape and getting worse. Combine our general poor health with an aging population of baby boomers and presto we’re in for a lot of fitness and health oriented promotions.

Product-wise, old standbys like pedometers and logo sports bottles will be popular, but also be on the lookout for new items like computerized jump ropes that count your jumps and calories burned and arm bands to hold your iPod while you exercise.

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Pen car that doesn’t need refills.


The Pen car is pretty awesome!. Created by Costas “The Pen Guy” Schuler, this modified Mercedes apparently plays some role in his mission to provide “Motivation and Inspiration Through Art and Comedy.” . He uses the best in the business “GERMAN REFILLS”….LOL. You can check out his web site here.

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