How do they make poly?

Neat Stuff!

Please click on the link if you want to view Leeds large selection of Ecosmart products!


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Wordpress Gear!


Does your brand not generate this kind of interest? Perhaps you should develop some kind of incredibly useful free software.  The google search engine is filled with WordPress Apparel and other cool gear.


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Presidential Promotions




Not only did Obama make great use of the web and promotional products in the course of his winning Presidential campaign, he also used them well together. 90 Percent of Everything recently showcased how his team used different shirts and different page layouts to find out how to optimize for maximum fundraising.  Once again showing how the use of promotional products will DRASTICALLY improve your response rates and target the desired audience in any direct mail or web based campaign.  Even for the Presidency of the most powerful nation on earth.

BTW- The actual winning incentive wasn’t released by the campaign team.

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tom of finland

Tom of Finland is a popular gay icon made famous by his erotic books and his popular fragrances.  When you purchase one of his products this the bag you receive.

tom of finland in use

Provocative when in use is probably an understatement.

This would be a great promo pc for the fine people who run the Pride Parade.

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Dog Food makes strong dogs.


Iams Dog Food makes strong dogs.  Look what they use for a game of fetch

This creative campaign done by Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney, Australia,  uses  a flyer and special moulding to really help make the point that Iams is a dog’s best friend for health and wellness.

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Strong Hair Promo


Nothing like grabbing a handful of human hair in order to open a door. At least, that’s what I always say. I find this promotion unappealing.  My takeaway: if you’re going to use human hair in a promotion, do it in a stylized way, like the bag handles, not a whole head of hair, and definitely not a wadded up ball of hair. And using Crazy wigs as a promo product? Definitely go for it.

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Warm weather means mini-skirts


The target audience are young males (18-24) in the UAE, both local and expatriate. They’re into hip-hop music, nightclubs and MMS. They spend a reasonable amount of time in Internet cafés chatting and playing network games.

Axe Mmmousepad was strategically placed in select Internet cafés across the UAE, to arouse their curiosity. After the target’s initial hesitation to put his hand up a skirt, he could not wipe the grin off his face while surfing the web later. The message hit home and it gave interactivity and whole new meaning.Understandably, many Mmmousepads ‘disappeared’, but got 3000 plus unique visitors and 115,000 page views during the month-long launch campaign.
That’s the power of the Axe Effect.

Would it work here in Canada? Doubtful,  internet cafes aren’t very widespread as high speed penetration is the highest in the world, but it is a conversation piece.

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